Whether you are a commercial radiopharmacy or a research PET center, our customized equipment will help you to introduce new products and maintain competitive edge while reducing operating cost and radiation exposure.

Posi-Med LLC offers a wide range of customized solutions for PET radio pharmacy including the first and the only PET radio synthesizer module AseptiLab® with built-in sterilization feature enabling true aseptic production of PET products with minimal operating cost and exposure to radiation. Other products include the first and the only fully automated syringe dispenser AseptiBot® and various cyclotron targets.

We offer products in all areas of PET radiopharmacy and PET biomarker production from cyclotron targets to synthesizer modules to dispensing equipment.  All our products are fully customizable and are always made to your exact specifications.

Because many of our products are made on contract design basis, our customers own the design and we are unable to present these products here.  However, customer references are available upon request and will be provided if you are looking for similar products.

This page contains represenative examples of our standard products, but it is no way limiting.  We are here to respond to your specific needs and requests.